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Courtship traditions have existed as long as cultures have accepted the concept of romantic love (though many believe they're mostly a Western thing).

Some traditions, including those of ancient Chinese and Jewish societies, took on a more contractual approach to courtship, dictating that marriage be a matter of negotiation between two families.

Learn the basics and you’ll score brownie points galore; there are some cute nicknames too, for example, ‘kotku’ means kitten…ahh. Those Slavic genes will ensure the attraction factor stays in place long after you first start dating.

Scarlett Johansen and Gwyneth Paltrow are just two Hollywood stars with Polish ancestry.

I am 30 years old, well-educated, well spoken, and I am told by both male and female friends that I am good company.

I have had several long term relationships and, if one were to judge the number of contacts made and dates gone on, then I've been rather "successful" with the internet dating.

In America, guys will usually just go up to a woman and start dancing with her.

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The benefits are numerous; getting to experience a new culture means that having a Polish partner is a huge plus.Luckily, people of yesteryear didn't have as much technology available to them, which automatically lowered the stakes of their demonstrations of love.

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