Mysinglefriend online dating where your friends write your profile

12-Sep-2016 21:36

Created by TV presenter Sarah Beeny, the site delivers a fun and engaging dating experience because the profiles are written by friends of the user.There’s no cringey profile writing, because we believe that your friends know you best – so they write your profile for you!

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And even if you do have some friends with a naughty streak in their sense of humour, fret not for no one can add anything to or delete anything from your profile without your consent.

This unique social dating site has been going since 2004.

You can sign in to My Single Friend and create an account for yourself, using that to recommend either a friend or yourself (they acting as ‘wingman’, or vice versa).

Avoid pictures that look as if they’ve been taken by a modelling agency or that don’t look like you You’ve got mail I would advise chatting a bit on email before jumping in and arranging a date. Obviously say what you do, but don’t give your surname or your home address or home phone number.

But just judge how much you should give away by the tone of the email.

A great feature on mysinglefriend is ‘matchmaking’, where the friend that creates your profile for the site, can choose suitable candidates for your date and place them in your folder for you to check them out.