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12-Dec-2016 04:23

It’s times like these I want to be a nun, or a cat lady.Having been married at a young age, entering back into the dating world halfway through my twenty-something years of life has been eye opening, liberating, and traumatizing all at the same time.This is a problem because usually at the point I start to have feelings for someone, they’ve already grown tired of me and are about to end the relationship.This requires a search for not only someone with potential for me, but also who’s patient enough to stick with me, though I can’t guarantee I’ll ever like them. From what I’ve found, they’re usually the better kind of dates too. The first three to five dates or so are always tough for me.

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The typical guy is usually clueless about the mind games women play.It’s become so easy and so shallow, and you end up updating your Facebook relationship status quite a bit more frequently than you’d like.Social media makes it look like you’re missing out on something wonderful when you see your friends posting couples pictures and your 400 photos are either of your lunch or the endless amount of wine you drink.Isn’t it all kind of a waste of time to act in any other way than what would come naturally to you in any other situation?

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Is a first date just some sort of formality that they don’t really count as part of getting to know each other?You know the friend you have that seems to have awful luck in the romance department and always provides horror stories for good entertainment? It’s like a completely different world than when I was in high school, and my idea of dating was talking to a boy on the phone and then he asks me to be his girlfriend and that was that.

In this case, since your relationship wasn’t very strong in the first place, he is not technically with a rebound girl.… continue reading »

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Mobile phone dating is done through cell phone based web sites.… continue reading »

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