Updating shortcuts all at once

01-Apr-2016 21:07

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Alt Print Screen Create a screenshot only for the active program window in all versions of Windows.

For example, if you opened the calculator and pressed these shortcut keys, only the calculator window would be created as a screenshot.

How to Create a Charms Bar Shortcut in Windows 10 This tutorial no longer works starting with Windows 10 build 9926 released on January 23rd 2015. Windows 10 has the Settings, Devices, Start, Share, and...

Currently you can only use slide to shut down by running...

Both of these have their own sets of issues as you would have to give the script admin privileges and probably bypass security procedures to make it run.

They are also known to be problematic for remote push-outs of upgrades and similar.

In a business environment, it is common to find end-user Windows clients that have had dozens of applications installed over the years, with shortcuts created over multiple user profiles.

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Now, I'l try changing the icon on the shortcut in All users start menu. There's always an issue with playing with shortcuts there - sometimes you have to update the universal side - the easiest way is to make the change, then copy the original sh Cut and remove the original. There's a fancy PS way to alter the date, but then I have to look up the cmd. Traditionally, the solution has been to wait for a help desk call, and then walk the user through the process of removing the old shortcut and creating a new one.

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This wastes a lot of time for both the user and the help desk operator and prevents the user from performing their primary responsibilities.Instead, the below script does the modifications to the icon on the admin’s system and then copies the icon to the user’s workstation and over writes the current one. ICO file is the same on each workstation (that is the location of the actual image) this works and will take into account unique user settings and/or arguments.